Some of the ROKOS flavors X1 features are:

- Updated Bitcoin client / node v0.21.0.0 with full functionality.
- Updated Okcash client / node v6.9.0.6 with full functionality.
- Updated Litecoin client / node v0.18.1 with full functionality.
- Updated Dash node v0.16.1.1 with full functionality.
- Updated Blackcoin more client / node v2.13.2.7 with full functionality.
- Updated Monetary Unit client / node v2.2.0 with full functionality.
- Full burnable OS Compatible with the Raspberry Pi, Pine64+, Odroid and IoT devices.
- Full System / Programs Upgrade.
- Full Design Upgrade.
- Improved Firefox/Chrome browser. (depends on version)
- Autolog.
- Debian/Xubuntu/Ubuntu/Raspbian/Linux based. (depends on version)
- Dev Tools.
- Easier to Use mod Update.
- Security and Optimization Update.
- CGMiner ready. (3.7.2)
- BFGMiner ready. (5.5.0)
- Includes Qt and complete set of Dev tools [qt4+qt5] (For developers)
- Works with other cryptocurrencies.
- nodejs.
- 1024 mb swap mod.
- Custom Login and Wallpapers.
- Cryptocurrencies nodes integrated under /usr/local/bin/
- Easy Clients / Nodes Upgrades.
- Custom OK-Scripts to ease the user experience.
- Direct access to the Clients Via: Task bar and Menu > Blockchain.

ROKOS constantly evolves and releases new Versions based on:
- Security, Chain, Technology and Design updates.
- Ease of access and use for the final users.
- More wallets, programs or features, based on users/communities/developers feedback, support and/or cross collaborations.