Just Download and Burn to Start your own Cryptocurrency Full node

Cryptocurrency and the Internet of Things
Core: Debian based OS with integrated Cryptocurrency Clients, Nodes and more tools ready for use.

ROKOS X1 "Flavors" for Raspberry Pi 2, 3, 4 and IoT Devices.
Full Bitcoin OK Clients, nodes and much more. Faster, Easier, Stronger, more elegant.

We support the new technology and uses for cryptocurrencies in the Raspberry Pi , Banana Pro, Pine64+, Odroid and IoT environments, hence we came up with a Free solution for every IoT enthusiast, developer, user, service that want to use their IoT devices with Bitcoin and OK, or that would like to turn their Pi into a Hardware wallet, Mining or Staking device.

ROKOS flavors comes with fully functional Cryptocurrency Full node clients among other goodies and provides the users with the best and easier Out of the Box experience; The favorite toolbox for developers and new users alike.

X1 "Flavors" OS

The First OS image release that merges the full power of Raspberry Pi zero, 2, 3, 4, Banana Pro, Pine64+ & IoT Devices with Bitcoin OK and Cryptocurrencies:
- ROKOS X1 "flavors" comes with integrated Cryptocurrencies Client / node, Miners, Dev tools, deps, etc.

Distribution aimed for everyone, from new IoT users to IoT Developers, Ease of use.
Download & Burn, Ready for use Out of the Box.

ROKOS X1 "core":
- Raspberry Pi 2, 3, 4. - ready for download
- Pine64+ - coming update.
- Banana Pro - coming update.
- Odroid - coming update.

- 16gb SD card.
- External device (usb / hdd / ssd). To sync the BTC chain on the external device instead of the SD card, BTC chain alone is around 280gb.

ROKOS X1 "flavors" Crypto Full node OS