Steps for first boot for ROKOS flavors for Raspberry Pi 2, 3 IoT devices

User: pi  / Password: rokos , follow normal setup.

a) Login and open a terminal and go to ok-scripts folder.
b) type:      sudo ./       (this will resize and use all the space from the SD card), restart the Pi.
c) System ready for use.

Extra info command to auto-sync the OKCash chain in minutes:

a) Open terminal.
b) type:         ./           (this will download and unzip the latest ok-blockchain snapshot to the okcash datafolder for Raspberry Pi 2, 3 devices)
c) start your wallet after the process is done and give it some minutes.
d) your OK wallet is ready to be used.

For security, change your ROKOS user password:

a) Open terminal.
b) type:         sudo passwd           (change the pi user account password for a more secure and personal one)

Done, enjoy your awesome ROKOS v8 system!